Clickwrap is a well-established, reliable and pioneering company that is committed to the sale of top quality refurbished electronic devices and accessories. We source products throughout the UK and predominantly sell iPhones and iPads, though our stock range is extensive and varied.

Having cemented ourselves as one of the country’s most professional device stockists, we are able to ensure that customers benefit from exceptional service levels and first rate deals on all items. From cameras to selfie-sticks, iPad minis to headphones and speakers, we aim to ensure that all personal electronic devices are available to customers from our well-stocked range.

We recognise that consumers of all ages and needs have a variety of requirements for personal electronics and as such, we aim to meet all needs through an extensive range of gadgets and devices in varying sizes and capabilities. We are committed to maintaining our pride in integrity and service through guaranteeing to offer the leading brands at highly competitive prices.

What’s more, we specialise in personalisation of devices and so you can set your gadget apart from the rest by designing your own wraps and cases. This innovative service helps to individualise your items, makes an exceptional gift choice and guarantees that no other person will have the same item as you. Again, our personalisation service is competitively priced and managed by an expert team who guarantee the highest quality finishes quickly.


We know that refurbished electronic devices are sold by hundreds of stockists throughout the country and that whether you choose to buy new, refurbished or recycled items, you will be bombarded with a multitude of offers and promises. We therefore aim to streamline the process of buying electronic gadgets and accessories by ensuring that we only stock the highest quality items at the most competitive rates. What sets us apart from other retailers is our expert knowledge, understanding of competitors and commitment to our customer. We don’t want to cloud your vision with gimmicks - we know that each item in our stock list is of the highest standards, from world leading manufacturers and sold at prices that are too good to miss.

What’s more, the experience that we have from our sister company, PrimeRecycle, means that we are also able to help you recycle your old devices, freeing up money for your new purchases. We believe that in offering a fully comprehensive service, backed by outstanding knowledge of devices, capabilities, manufacturers and warranties, customers can rest assured that they receive the best deal, best service and best experience when shopping with Clickwrap.

What’s more, Clickwrap is entirely UK based and so all queries, service calls and support matters are dealt with domestically, giving customers the confidence that their enquiries are understood and processed efficiently. We are a transparent company that welcomes contact with our customers and unlike many online retailers, we acknowledge the importance of having a friendly, knowledgeable and patient team to support you with all purchases.


At Clickwrap, our services are carried out in Bolton in the North of England, making us a proud employer to UK workers. Each of our expert team members have expert knowledge in electronic devices and from refurbishing engineers through to customer service staff, we guarantee that each staff member is talented and maintains peak understanding to ensure that our customers always receive the best service.

What’s more, by conducting both Clickwrap and PrimeRecycle business from the UK, our carbon footprint is minimised. Our customers appreciate our consciousness and environmental awareness and often applaud our ability to conduct business to global standards from within one country. As an added bonus, because we minimise the costs of travel, transportation and international servicing, we are able to relay these discounts to our customers, who continue to benefit from exceptional pricing.