ClickWrap Privacy Policy

When customers register to complete a purchase with ClickWrap, personal information will be taken in order to complete the order. The information that is provided at registration along with any other details that we learn about you may be used to help us enhance and improve our service and practices. This information can include the location that site visits are made from, connections to sites listed on our platform and details of the transactions made through ClickWrap.

If customers participate in any promotions, offers or competitions that are run through ClickWrap’s website, additional information may be gathered. We will also take information that is provided in feedback or the completion of profile forms on our site. ClickWrap will also monitor the traffic volumes and types to the website in order to manage and improve service levels.

If a customer or site visitor gives us permission, ClickWrap may send marketing communications. These communications can be stopped at any time by clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ links or contacting our team.